Happy Night!

It’s late, the evening of June 15th, National Nature Photography Day! I went out awhile ago with my iPhone 6+ and was delighted to discover one of the first Night-blooming Cactus of the season. It was only 8:45pm, but it was in full bloom! I’m attaching a photo I took of it, hand-held, with my phone camera. It’s somewhat noisy and I could probably do a better job with my DSLR, but I wanted to enjoy the moment of discovery more than I wanted another photograph of a night-bloomer. I’ve got a yard full of these cacti and look forward to seeing them bloom the next several weeks! NOTE: Be sure to click on the image to see the full-sized view of the photo.
Night-blooming Cactus Blossom

Night-blooming Cactus Blossom

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    Larry Pressler


    I think the night blooming cacti of the RGV deserve more attention in spite of the facts they stink so bad. I’m gonna get someone to check my favorite one I saved on the west fence line of Quinta Mazatlan. It should be monsters by now. If they will solve their irrigation problem there there will be lots of spectacular plants strutting their stuff on that jewel of a property:-))


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