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Darth, that you??

I was photographing in misty, drizzly weather at the Laguna Seca Ranch Friday morning. A Long-billed Thrasher came along and, from below, eyed a cactus near the water hole. I aimed at the top of the pads, hoping I’d catch the right moment. As it leapt up I fired away. When I saw the results, the bird’s pose reminded me of Darth Vader but with the wrong color cape and eyes. Click on the image to see the entire photo.
Darth Vader, is that you?

Darth Vader, is that you?

Wet But Wonderful!

This morning six of us photographed at the raptor blind on the Laguna Seca Ranch. A few Crested Caracaras came in within a few minutes but the skies were still, dark and cloudy. When it started raining, four of us opted to stay and see what would happen; we were rewarded with a wonderful performance by several Scissor-tailed Flycatchers. Here is the parting shot from the last bird I photographed.Photographer