Gone Buggy!

Prior to my arrival in Texas, I worked mainly on micro/macro photography. Here in Texas I discovered that a constant breeze or wind was the “norm,” a challenge for close-up photographers. I continued what I was doing, but people who were heavily involved in activities involving birds came into my life and my photography took a turn. Nowadays I love taking the opportunity to return to my tiny world when the opportunity presents itself, and that’s what I’ve chosen to share with you today. I was out wandering the beautiful Jones Alta Vista Ranch in Jim Hogg County, Texas, looking for potential perches for birds, when I spied a vine loaded with yellow aphids. I had to stop, pull out my tripod and macro lens and take some time to photograph these tiny creatures. Please be sure to click on the image to reveal the entire image and caption.  
Yellow Aphids on Trailing Vine

Yellow Aphids on Trailing Vine

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Ruth Hoyt

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